Sunday, October 6, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Let's Find A Cure For Breast Cancer

Flyline Search Marketing client Allen's Flowers & Plants in San Diego, California is planning to donate 10% of the proceeds from their October sales to the American Cancer Society. Allen's Flowers is owned and operated by the Levy family, who live in the San Diego area. Flyline Search Marketing has been serving Allen's for the past several years, delivering a comprehensive marketing program, including assistance with their community service activities.

The photo shown above is actually a website graphics slide that was created for the Allen's Flowers home page slideshow. In addition to the home page slide, we also created a special Cancer Awareness page within the website that people can use in making their purchases. The Levy's have committed to donate 10% of the proceeds from all sales made via the Cancer Awareness page.

We have a number of clients who have experienced the challenges of working through a family members battle with cancer. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have cancer and our prayers are with they and their families as they work to find a solution.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Latest Trends In Floral Marketing

Flyline Search Marketing Delivers Effective Marketing Services For Florists All Over The USA

We provide Internet marketing services to local, regional and nationally focused florists who operate in various parts of the United States. The approach that works best for these florists is our comprehensive Internet marketing program. Our comprehensive package includes, but, is not limited to features such as; paid search on Google, Yahoo & Bing, search engine optimization or organic marketing for the website, social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Pinterest, blogging, public relation releases and specific brand advertising.

The florists that we serve are all seeing increased lead flow, more sales transactions, revenue growth from the Internet, call in orders and walk in sales and sustained growth over time. In addition, they are enjoying far less dependence on order volume from the national order aggregators such as, FTD & Teleflora. Our comprehensive program consistently delivers results, regardless of the website platform the client is using, or what part of the country the florist happens to be located in. By focusing our energy on both organic and paid search strategies, we enable local florists to compete more effectively than ever for a fair share of the flower sales and delivery market.

Local florists have historically relied upon orders from FTD, Teleflora and others to sustain their businesses. They are quickly starting to realize, however, that FTD and Teleflora are literally squeezing the very life right out of their business. These giants are choking the very life out of the smallest and financially weakest. The problem is being created by FTD, Teleflora and other national order aggregators wanting to keep an ever increasing revenue share from orders they provide. In our humble opinion, requiring these poor small local florists to accept an ever decreasing revenue share from these orders just doesn't seem fair and likely will not healthy for the floral industry. There is no question that local florists who continue to try and make a living from these orders will likely find it increasingly difficult to produce a healthy bottom line. Too much reliance upon order aggregators can lead to a going out of business fire sale.

Flyline Search Marketing recognized this and other problems florists were facing five years ago. That said, we created a comprehensive, turn-key Internet marketing program, specifically designed to help them regain their financial foothold and growth momentum. The good news is, florists we serve are enjoying vibrante and sustained growth. Our turn-key approach allows them to focus on running their business while we solve their lead flow challenges, build brand awareness and increase overall sales transaction volume. It's truly a great example of how a marketing and technology firm can work hand in hand with local florists to create a better tomorrow for the flower shop owner and for our firm.

Check Out Some Of The Latest Marketing Trends For Florists

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook pages help florists build brand awareness and greatly increase opportunities for more customer interaction. They provide business owners with direct access to clients in a manner in which has never been seen before. You can send out a discount offer and you don't get the normal push back you might expect from more traditional email blasts, plus you rarely see Facebook "Friends" and "Likes" leaving your page due to your marketing messages. That's the real beauty of the Facebook platform. People are opting to "Friend" and "Like" you and your business, thus making them far more open to hearing from you about your business.

Here Are Some Samples Of Facebook Pages Created & Managed By Flyline Search Marketing

Carithers Flowers Atlanta

Peoples Flowers Albuquerque

Allens Flowers San Diego

Allens Flower Market Long Beach

Google Adwords & Remarketing

Google Adwords and Remarketing are mission critical marketing tools for florists. We use Google Adwords as one of our primary lead generation tools. Our team has spent years studying analytics data for florists. We have identified the revenue producing keyword terms and we deploy ad campaigns, in a very specific configuration, to take full advantage of the revenue producing power of those keyword phrases. We have a proven track record of success, that dates back to the very first florist we ever helped, Carithers Flowers in Atlanta.

Our Adwords program management team utilizes data analytics, call tracking, recording and analytics, conversion tracking and more to ensure that each florist we serve receives optimal results from Adwords. We use Google's new "Enhanced" campaigns in our designs. We also deploy the strategic use of Google Remarkting as well. Google Remarketing helps us keep our floral clients "Top of Mind" with their current and future website users and visitors. We invite you to visit our website (Flyline Search Marketing)  to learn more about Google Remarketing and the other great Google services that we offer.


The use of Pinterest is becoming extremely popular. I still remember hearing a story from one of my floral clients who said that a young bride came into the flower shop to finalize her wedding flower order. She brought in her laptop and sat down with floral wedding specialist and proceeded to show her all the great images of bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and wedding flowers that she had found out on Pinterest. It made the wedding planning session go very smoothly as our floral design center client was able to quickly understand exactly what the young bride wanted.

Check Out The Pinterest Account We Created For Carithers Flowers: Carithers Flowers


Use of social media marketing tools like Twitter is quickly becoming a popular trend with florists and business owners in other industries as well. We recommend the use of Twitter as a great tool for building brand awareness and for creating alternative channels of communication with current and future clients. The vast majority of the clients we serve have opted into the use of Twitter as part of the turn-key marketing services they purchase from us.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Search Marketing Masters: Get Your Business on All Major Search Engines

It’s 2012 and chances are if you own a business you have been on the Internet for a couple years now. However, whether you are brand new to the business world or a true veteran you know that the best way to get your name out there is through the Internet. Why?

Well, the answer to that is simple really, everyone uses the internet and that makes its streets the best place to put up billboards. If you have not already, now is as good a time as any to start laying claim to the digital world.

Search Marketing with Google
That’s right, Google – something people use every single day to look up a company, product, or service.  With our search marketing team at the helm of your digital ship, we can not only get your business out there, but we can also fully utilize Google’s AdWords program. Google AdWords is a very intricate and complex pay per click system that gets your business out there.

And, it just so happens that Flyline Search Marketing is a certified partner of the Google AdWords program, which allows us to use the program to get your site the traffic you’ve been previously at a loss to figure out how to get.

Yahoo and Bing
For those of you who don’t know already, the two companies are basically merged into one. Through our Yahoo and Bing pay per click program, you will find yourself benefitting from basically two separate search engines.
We also offer a marketing setup through, which is another commonly used web search engine and will greatly increase your business sites traffic.

So, why should you consider using or switching to Flyline? With our expert search marketing services, you can reap the benefits of essentially four different search engines all displaying your business name in the right spot, for the right price that is made right for any budget.

However, getting your name out there and managing your virtual billboard is not all we do here/ Flyline offers many services. We also offer website creation and website management to help those who are not good with such things or just don’t have the time to be setting up new pages all day long.

As well as website creation we have various domain hosting packages that are good for keeping the more technical side of things going good.

Finally, should you find that you want more Internet Marketing tactics our experts can help your business along in the social media world with Facebook, Twitter, and blogging. Just ask us how!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Flyline Search Marketing
Google Adwords Certified Partner

Delivering Comprehensive Internet Marketing Programs For Auto Dealers, Florists, Hospitals, Plumbing Firms, Garage Door Firms & Many More Industry Groups!

Looking For A Comprehensive Internet Marketing Program That Delivers Jaw Dropping Results?

We currently have an opening to serve an automobile dealership in the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Corrales, Bernalillo, Placitas, Los Lunas & Rio Rancho areas. Our firm can also available provide the same comprehensive Internet Marketing program for other New Mexico car dealership in Los Alamos, Farmington, Las Vegas, Roswell and throughout the state. We previously served a firm in New Mexico and contributed to results that allowed that dealership to achieve the top sales position in the state of New Mexico. Our contract with them has expired and we are looking to
immediately link up with a new auto dealership partner in the area. We will discuss the potential to allow for exclusivity in our contract with a new dealer partner.

For More Details View Our Dealership Info Page

Monday, June 18, 2012

Flyline Search Marketing: The Auto Dealer Dream Team

Auto dealerships everywhere, has the current low state of the economy got you down? Does it seem like there really just no buyers right now? In actual fact, people won't ever stop spending, including buying new cars, trucks, SUVs and the like – whether they are for personal or business use.

However, it may seem like no one is buying because you might still be relying on traditional marketing channels when you could be engaging with prospective buyers online and providing them with the information that convinces them you are the dealer of choice for them.

At Flyline, we have been researching and using our extensive knowledge in search marketing to develop and perfect the ultimate marketing service for auto dealerships.

And when we have been able to apply it to an auto dealership like some of those found in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and other New Mexico cities as well as those in other cities where we have clients, there has been a quantifiable increase in Web traffic, phone inquiries, and walk-ins, which these dealerships have translated into sales, leases, maintenance and the like.  
Our auto dealership Internet Marketing program includes a comprehensive range of strategies for search marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, public relations and pay per click advertising, including such tactics as fan pages, blogs, online ads, keyword placement, Google AdWords and social media engagement.

How We Do What We Do
At Flyline Search Marketing, we have deep experience with all types of marketing, including traditional and online marketing campaigns that have helped all types and sizes of businesses reach their target audience and get noticed in the often crowded and competitive spaces, including that of vehicle sales.

We are a Google AdWords certified provider and have experience that extends to other search platforms, including Yahoo and Bing. Simply put, while with other companies might be able to get your name up on one of the search engines, they will not be able to provide the coverage that we have shown for our clients many of whom have been on board for many years.

That’s because our Internet search marketing expertise extends beyond just putting together a list of a few keywords. We have created lists of thousands of keywords plus offered clients ongoing fresh and relevant content for their website, blog, and social media pages.

The professionals at Flyline Search Marketing have also put together traditional marketing strategies, such as press releases, and modernized them for the online world, including optimizing them for search engines and adding hyperlinks and link backs within the releases as well as links to YouTube videos and other relevant content.

We continually track and reflect on the results to see where we can make improvements to deliver the maximum ROI for you.

When you are ready to rev up your auto dealership marketing program, be sure to take us for a test drive!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Don’t Let Those Potential Clients Get Away – Focusing on Remarketing

Do you own an awesome business that is selling something on par with the cure for cancer? And, while business is booming, you may have noticed for customers that appear indecisive or that change their minds. Suddenly, what had been a full shopping cart in your online store has been abandoned and you are not sure why they didn’t want all those awesome products you are selling when so many others do.  

Now you can't control every customer and while some of them may very well have just been not interested, for those that were on the fence, there is a way to possibly get them back without hoping they land on one of your company advertisements again in the near future. You can benefit from adding a remarketing program to your existing Google AdWords campaign to cast the line and draw them in with an enticing marketing nibble that has you reeling them in!

What is Remarketing?
Remarketing -- otherwise known as cart abandonment marketing and conversion marketing -- is the process of sending an automated follow-up to an individual who left your business site without the desired results, such as a service inquiry or sale and/or a product sale.

The automated follow-up works like this: The Google advert remembers the customer's details through a static IP address and follows them to the next Web page they visit and inserts an advertisement on the page in an effort to remind them of the product or service they had been interested in at the start – that is, your product.

This reminder could very well lead to a sale if the customer sees this ad and then decides that the product or service was worth the money or just absolutely necessary, especially compared to the site they are looking at now.

Helping Your Business Attract More Customers
Do you use the Google AdWords program? Then, this extra feature will surely benefit your business. Even if you don't actually sell something on the website but rather offer an in-person service, such as electrical work or plumbing, you can still benefit from remarketing.

For instance, if a potential customer leaves your website and goes to another one that has similar services that are priced higher, this provides them with an easy way to return to your site, especially when the ad they see on that page shows that lower price or a special deal not offered by the competitor’s site they are now viewing. 

Want to know more about hitting the target with more customers via a remarketing program? Contact us now!  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Social Media is Building Businesses

It wasn't until recently that social media was looked at as anything more than a trend or a fad. However, from Myspace to Facebook and Google+ social media hasn't just faded away being replaced by something new, but instead it has grown beyond what anyone might have actually imagined.

And, for better or worse, it is time to accept that it is here to stay. It would seem that more of these social media channels are migrating to a format that makes them more conducive to businesses rather than just serving as convenient platforms to stay in touch with friends and families and make new connections based on similar interests.

Social Networking Goes Business
If anything, it makes sense to look at these platforms like Facebook as the perfect place to get in touch with one’s potential and existing customer base and learn more about what you can do for them.

Advertising is a tried and true way to promote your business and sales of your products and or services. Now, with the ever growing popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the game has changed. Look at it as just one more channel to broadcast to your customers and potential customers just like radio, television, and print media.

Except, in this case, the broadcast goes both ways as you can easily hear right back from your audience about what they like and even about what they don’t like.   

Think about the ads you see on Facebook now that attempt to place ads for products and services based on what you say you like. Even search engines are beginning to track search patterns to deliver more personalized searches for those using them. It’s becoming all business, which means the time is now for you to get involved.

But, Can I Do It?
While the social media bible has yet to be written, there are guidelines out there that can help you build your online presence through social media and social networking. It can be challenging though as even the big businesses have proven with their social media faux pas.

However, you can go it alone or you can seek the assistance of an Internet Marketing firm that understands how all the social media platforms and strategies work to effectively target your intended audience.

Whatever you choose, it’s time to get started. Just think about the potential. Facebook alone had approximately 845 million active users a month at the end of 2011 as reported by the company, and this number is only expected to grow in the near future. With hundreds of millions of potential new customers and a way to keep in touch with current customers, that alone should be enough to convince you just how well social media platforms can work for your business.

Let us show you what’s possible. Send us your objectives, and the expert team at Flyline Search Marketing can deliver a customized Internet Marketing program that combines online tactics (Google AdWords, SEO, website content and development, Facebook fan page development and blogging) with more traditional marketing and public relation strategies.